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How to make a purchase:
1. Click on the Picture of the item you want to add to your cart.
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4. click "NEXT"
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There are a few ways to join or buy your membership

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Any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Micheal A

"I recently did something I have never done before. I joined a political party. I did not join the PCss, the Conservatives, the Liberals or the NDP. I joined the Northern Ontario Party.
Why did I join?
This is the first time I have ever joined a political party. I have voted in every federal election since turning 18. I have lived in ON, NS and BC, and have voted provincially as well since almost 18. Municipally, not so much. I have never lived anywhere long enough to understand the issues.
I am born and raised in North Bay. I actually met the leader, Trevor Holliday when we were in Cubs together. I moved down south for school and other reasons. I then joined the Royal Canadian Navy, and proudly served for 8 years. (Hence BC and NS).
Over my life, I have seen the south get better. Better roads, better public transport, better hospitals, better schools, better government bailouts of businesses that should have failed.
Over my life, in Northern Ontario I have seen businesses close, government agencies shrink, or entirely move to the south, schools closing, hospitals cutting beds, spring bear hunt get cancelled, and then a rise in nuisance bears in the cities of the North.
If the North and the South were people, The north would be beaten and raped by the South multiple times over, and when done, the South would demand a thank you, and even though the North did it, they would still keep beating and raping the North, all while "the police" are watching and cheering on the South.
Enough is enough!
I joined because I am pissed off."
I am pissed off at Bob Rae of the NDP who brought us Rae Days.
I am pissed off at Mike Harris of the PC and his Common Sense Revolution.
I am pissed off with Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne of the Liberal Party with all of what they have. Billion dollars boondoggle of the gas plants, and even locally in the Sudbury Riding; bribing a candidate to leave the Federal NDP to run in the Ontario Liberal Party.
In life, I have come to the conclusion that if you want something done right, sometime, you got to do it yourself.
I start by joining the party.


Brenda M

I first joined the NOHP in 1977 when Ed Diebel was selling memberships beside Towers Store with the hope that the north could become prominent once again. I have watched the north deteriorate because of this movement by various governments to make things bigger such as ridings, hospitals, schools, government offices. I have watched the NDP government close the AGGIES College in New Liskeard just because they needed to trim $15 million off their budget and when then added the cost of the College in New Liskeard and Kemptville it added up to $15 million. This school had been opened in 1928 as a Demonstration Farm. When the government decides to combine schools because it is cheaper to bus a student it attacks the town the school is in because now people will think twice about moving there. When the government decides to enlarge a riding and take in areas that have nothing in common it attacks a whole lot of towns within that boundary change and naturally the stronger economically town is going to advance and the not so strong town will recede. When the government decides to combine hospitals into one super hospital sure the cost effective method works for about 5 years then the cuts start and the patient suffers because the first thing closed are patient beds.
Since 1977 I have watched the north decline further because of all the things that I have mentioned above. So once again in 2016 I bought a membership to the NOP with the hope that we can bring positive back to the north and stop the cuts.
This is not a new idea for the north to become it's own province but goes back to 1890 and has surfaced three other times prior to the present day NOP. It makes sense to have this a separate province strictly due to the geographic size of the Province of Ontario. We have all pounded the drum that Queen's Park doesn't understand the north and how can they when it takes them a day to drive to the Manitoba border. The north is also the oldest English speaking part of Ontario and goes back to 1693 when the Bay Men put a Factor on Moose Island in the river flowing from James Bay. We pre-date the English portion of Ontario when the United Empire Loyalists flooded into Quebec(New France) because of the American Revolution and bringing with them 3,000 Mohawks. That was in the 1776 but Queen's Park is in that part of the Province that was settled by the Loyalists.
What does Niagara-on-the-Lake have in common with Moose Factory? Absolutely nothing except we are in the same geographic province called Ontario.
The north was built on the beaver pelt which went back to England to because that famous top hat. The south is the farming belt but we can't overlook the clay belt in the New Liskeard which is excellent for farming. What is overlooked is a much larger clay belt in the Cochrane area which could also be very good for farming.
We need to become our own province focusing on what we have always done, mining, lumbering, trapping but we needed to keep those products in the north and manufacture them here or at least 50% of them.
That's why I joined the Northern Ontario Party again."


Andre B

Well I have seen all the parties at both the Federal & Provincial levels take their turn at kicking the can.
All made great promises before going in, all didn't keep their platform promises and got greedy!
I always said that if you want change in this country, then we have to start with something new.
If we keep electing millionaires into office, then the lower class will continue getting robbed, but elect a blue collar party and you will start seeing change!
Change in how the millionaires and big corporations do business.
There's a reason New Zealand is the happiest country in the world, with a 6 hour work day and a $20 minimum wage.
Will it ever come to Canada? Don't know?
But I do know that I worked hard to get what I have, and people higher up didn't work so hard to get what they have.
Too many things need to be changed in our society, and the NOP is the place to start!


Pamela P

Only to take the chance and find out the difference. I have met Tommy Lee and Myles Clayton and their wives and they are the most down to earth people I have ever met. Northern Ontario Party is where we belong as Northerners


Shawn & Patricia P

"Me and my wife became members because we are tired of suffering from the lack of southern Government recognition that we are people and we live in Northern Ontario.  The North is home. I grew up in the north and also got my education and now work in the north.  I'm sad that my son needs to go south to find the affordable education he needs and get the job he would like.  He is also looking outside of Ontario.  The NOP is the bright light that will guide the north back to life.  The NOP is the only party that cares for the north, is for the north and from the north.  The NOP is my Party by choice.  I invite more of great Northerners to join us and make History by getting OUR Northern Ontario back."


Please note: If you are purchasing more than 1 membership on a purchase that you include in the "notes" section upon check out each personals "FULL NAME" and their "EMAIL" and if different "ADDRESS" if multiple are purchased and nothing is under the notes then the order may be returned.

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