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February 9 at 6:18pm
*****Northern Ontario Party Media Release*****
Northern Ontario Shrinks! Where’s the Concern
Over the last 5 years, Northern Ontario has continued to lose population under the Wynne’s government. The latest census data have shown that Northern Ontario has lost over 2600 of its residents in the last 5 years. Kirkland Lake has suffered the greatest loss with a decline of approximately 6 % of its population, followed closely by Elliot Lake with 5.3 % of its population leaving. This is compared to Southern Ontario whose population has increased dramatically during the same time span. Toronto’s population increased by 4.5 percent and the fastest growth has been seen in the GTA’s commuter cities of Shelburne, Milton and Bradford. These communities saw their population increase by over 25%. Why is Northern Ontario’s population shrinking when the population of the province continues to increase? One reason for this is the lack of investment in infrastructure in Northern Ontario by the Wynne’s government, such as the stalled Ring of Fire Chromite mining project and the discontinued plan for a Trans Polar airport in Sault Ste. Marie. The extreme cost of power in this region has frightened away many potential companies in setting up business here. This nearsightedness by Ontario government has caused the North to miss its opportunity to reboot its economy. This has left many of our youth with no choice but to leave the North to pursue jobs in Southern Ontario.
Trevor Holliday, the Northern Ontario Party Leader states… This is exactly what we have been saying repeatedly. We are being starved and robbed from every time the 3 establishment based parties are voted in. They all give false hope when they say and I quote. “They say they will shine a light on the issues”. We say enough with the smoke and mirrors. When you keep treating us like a colony, then many of our people will be forced to move to find the jobs. Another reason why our population is declining is because of the unaffordable cost of living due to the colder weather of Northern Ontario. When will they listen? Simple answer is NOT one of the big parties will grow a set and invest in Northern Ontario's future. Resource manufacturing needs to be here! Hydro needs to be at cost! Healthcare and education need to be maximized. Think of the costs that are associated with the hospitals running here with less and less funding and staff. Yet thousands have been spent, on travel grants for Northerners to travel for medical services only available in the south. This in turn forces them to take uncomfortable transportation (if there is any) when they are already in excruciating pain. Therefore, there is one simple fix. Northern Ontario needs to finally be treated like a people and their needs deserve to be heard. This is why the Northern Ontario Party is here and the only party which demands its candidates to represent the voters first! The documentary "The Hole Story" explains in depth on how the establishment has robbed from Northern Ontario with very little investment returning back North. We supplied the Nickel to the world and silver too. The mines, built Toronto and yet these companies are destroying infrastructure and environment without royalties or appropriate taxing which leads these mining communities to go bankrupt.
Myles Clayton
Northern Ontario Party
Interim Party Media & Social Media Manager

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