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An elected NOP MPP will be required to vote on issues in parliament on what their constituents wish him/her to vote. There will be no ‘party whip’. We will develop a standard polling method that we commit to using prior to all votes in the provincial legislature.

Community and Social Services

Complete a review of the government programs for persons in need, to ensure they meet the cost of living etc. Review their enrollment, eligibility and the way payment is provided to ensure the best options and uniformity is provided. Ensure that the programs will not negatively affect people who are attempting to seek employment (Example. ODSP recipients should not lose benefits because they attempt to work within their capabilities). Ensure that the programs are not made to be a long-term solution.

Economic Development and Growth

A provincial program should be established to eliminate municipal taxes for ten years for all new manufacturing plants in Northern Ontario that complete a minimum of 80 percent of finished form in Northern Ontario. This would be developed on a sliding scale based on start-up costs and type of company.

Tax breaks on a sliding scale for any new company or employee-owned companies that establish itself in Northern Ontario, based on the number of full-time employees, and the employees’ total compensation package.


Stop the closing of Northern schools which ends the need to bus students long distances to larger schools. Transfer more power from the province to the school boards who currently have minimal control over budget and curriculum.

When building a new school, consider building a multi-use facility which could include the community library, municipal office, and other community needs. This would save on energy costs and long-term building maintenance etc.


One price hydro 24 hours a day for residential service.

Amalgamate all electrical service companies into one, therefore have one energy board as well.
Cancel the electricity market in Ontario. This promotes fair and equal pricing.

Review all current contracts and determine which ones are causing a loss and eliminate or end those contracts.

Enhance Northern Ontario power grid to ensure the ability for sale of excess power and ensure ALL of Northern Ontario is on the Northern Ontario power grid. This would tie Parry Sound and Muskoka into the Northern Ontario grid.

Encourage and promote off-grid living for people in remote places/communities.

Northern Ontario to use Northern Ontario produced hydro while eliminating the usage of the Southern Ontario’s nuclear energy to flow to Northern Ontario.

Environment and Climate Change

Northern Ontario to use Northern Ontario produced hydro while eliminating the usage of the Southern Ontario’s nuclear energy to flow to Northern Ontario.

Ban the disposal of nuclear waste in Northern Ontario.

Develop a new water act for Northern Ontario to maintain the integrity of a clean water source.

Review and modernize the green energy act to ensure the longevity of Northern Ontario lands and wildlife.

We will revamp the taxes and royalties paid by mining companies to ensure that affected communities and infrastructure is not neglected or substandard. Focusing on clear environmental rehabilitation with an emphasis on environmental rehabilitation sourcing northern reclamation companies.

Replace Cap & Trade Carbon Tax with environmentally responsible initiatives which reinvest revenue in Northern Ontario, a Carbon Tax placed on imports from excessive carbon producing countries of 10%.


Review provincial ministries and properties to ensure best services are provided and where possible consolidate ministries into one building to reduce wasteful spending on properties etc. and combine Municipal and Provincial buildings and properties to eliminate duplicated or excessive spending by both.

Salary wages for Public Servants present and future (including executives and management) should reflect and not exceed private companies and/or $350 000. If currently over that then positions may be reviewed. The salary cap may only increase to match the cost of living increase as will the pay of ALL public servants as a minimum wage increase.

Health and Long-Term Care

By expanding our two university hospitals in Northern Ontario we will be in a better position to attract the much needed specialized talent to our region, particularly in the areas of cardiac care and pediatric oncology, with an added focus on mental health across all age and demographic groups.

Convert old hospitals and other provincial buildings into seniors housing before considering them for other uses or tearing them down. These facilities could maintain a health care clinic on site. A complete evaluation of the buildings and properties would be completed to ensure the longevity and safety.

Promote the idea of Long Term Facilities or senior residences that have a doctor or nurse practitioner to the local facilities to tend to the residents and frees up hospital beds and ‘family doctors’ The facilities would have full ability to administer all medications and treatments that are needed by the residents. When and where the waiting lists for interim care housing and group homes are causing an overload on hospitals then residences will be created or expanded.

Review and Ensure Long Term & extended health care policies and legislate to ensure the best care is provided, the affordability, and beneficial to the well-being of everyone. Time spent with long-term or seniors will be increased by at least double the current allotted, while caregiver to patient ratio will be improved by at least 20%.

Creation of a patient family housing located near all specialized hospitals which is solely focused on Northern Ontario families who have to travel in excess of 250kms for treatment or care that requires overnight or multiple day treatments or monitoring.

Nursing and long-term homes will be required to fill any vacant beds within 21 days or the beginning of the next month but no more than 31 days.


The developers of apartment buildings and housing will have incentives to offer 20% of their units for people with specific living requirements. This includes but not limited to persons with medical conditions and assisted living.

Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

Assist and promote indigenous communities the ability to produce and operate power in their communities.

The Northern Ontario Party will negotiate with First Nations, to help them develop their own Fish and Wildlife game system, where they can set up their own rules for conservation and can enforce these rules and regulations with their members.

Municipal Affairs

Replace MPAC with a fair and realistic property valuation system based more closely on the local market which will help stabilize property tax revenue for Northern communities.

Natural Resources and Forestry

The Northern Ontario Party demands the creation of a Northern Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, located in Northern Ontario, run by Northern Ontarians, to promote the best interests of Northern Ontario People.

Northern Development and Mines

The Northern Ontario Party’s first elected member will introduce legislation requiring that at least 50% of our natural resources from mining and forestry need to be manufactured in Northern Ontario.

The Northern Ontario Party will revamp and modernize the mining act for the benefit of the local communities. It will be clear and enforceable. We will streamline the process from discovery to mining for the benefit of all concerned parties. We will undertake this by forming a committee with representation from all concerned parties.

We will undertake investment partnerships with mining companies and claim owners to begin building the required infrastructure for the Ring of Fire project including an access road and/or rail line north from Nakina. All provincially funded builders/developers will be sourced from within Northern Ontario, hiring Northern Ontarians.


We will create and maximize transportation to Northern Ontario communities and mines that have been neglected.

Promote the use of a cost-effective, efficient, modern rail system that could travel on the rail lines as an economical alternative to big diesel locomotives pulling passenger cars. This would help reinstate passenger rail service across Northern Ontario.

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