Timiskaming-Cochrane: Canada Day Parade

Please join us at the Parade to show the NOP is still strong.

Bring Canada and NOP clothing, hats, flags, etc.

Let us know if you can make it on our riding’s facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2057524827854957/

Timiskaming-Cochrane – Election Party

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Come celebrate the milestones achieved by the NOP in the last 18 months…

Win or lose, it’s time to celebrate the hard work.

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Venez célébrer les accomplissements du PON durant les 18 derniers mois…

Que l’on gagne ou que l’on perd, il est temps de faire la fête pour les efforts produits.


Haileybury – Meet the Candidate

NOP Candidate Shawn Poirier will be available to answer your questions and hear your concerns. Please, come and inform yourself on this party specifically geared at Northern Ontario.

Timmins – Big Event Mining Show

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Meet the Northern Ontario Party’s candidate in Timmins at the Big Event Mining Expo.

Gary will primarily be found at the booth for Timmins Rent All & Equipment Sales, located outside beside the lake.

When not at the booth, Gary will be wandering the expo floor, engaging with the crowd and other booth workers.

He’s easy to approach, and eager to hear your thoughts on improving life in Timmins and Northern Ontario.