Northern Ontario is again being slashed, cut and treated even more like a colony!

Doug Ford has started the bulldozer in Toronto headed for Northern Ontario and is leaving a path of destruction in its wake. It started with plans to download the TTC onto the province which will cost Northerners to fund it.

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Followed by yet another broken promise of no public sector job cuts. With the cuts to health care funding not only service was cut but jobs as well.

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A freeze to public sector workers which further eliminates the chance to improve service, support and Employment in Northern Ontario.

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$100 million funding cut for cuts to repairs for schools.

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Then sadly Ford takes aim at the Francophone community, which Northern Ontario holds close as it is part of what makes Northern Ontario so amazing. They attend French school all the way through and then at university they are forced to attend English courses. This is discrimination and the middle finger to Northern Ontario’s Francophone community.

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With less than six months as premier, Doug Ford is on track to surpass the destruction that Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals had caused. With over three years left in power what will be left of Northern Ontario and which community or part of beautiful Northern Ontario will Ford run down next.

Trevor Holliday
Northern Ontario Party Leader

Published by Trevor Holliday

Born and raised in Nipissing district, Trevor’s grandfather was the founder/owner of the Northern Ontario courier company for over 30 years “Road Runner Express” based out of North Bay and serviced a lot of the remote places where others would not go. It was very much a family business and he believed in treating EVERY customer as family as well. Trevor spent a lot of time with his father, John Holliday, on his routes. When the business was sold shortly after Trevor’s grandfather’s passing, Trevor was constantly working in the service and customer service industries. Trevor is a graduate of Canadore College Police Foundations out of North Bay. Trevor is a father of 4 children who want a very prosperous future for his children and hopefully grandchildren here in Northern Ontario. He is a motor coach operator for Ontario Northland which brings him back to his roots of serving the people of Northern Ontario. Northern Ontario flows through his veins and the passion for making Northern Ontario stronger than ever is second to none. In Jan 2016, he created a petition calling for Northern Ontario to become its own province collecting around 4,500 signatures. A few months later Trevor met Edward Deibel (Party Founder and Leader at the time) and discussed joining the NOHP (Northern Ontario Heritage Party). Trevor then joined the party and once Edward Deibel retired as Party Leader, Trevor was appointed to the position. His passion fired up more than ever and the foundation, party name, and party direction was put into place, re-establishing the party as a voice for Northern Ontarians.